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  • The Lighthouse

Once I was - Now I am no more
A burst of flames threw me into oblivion

The life I knew - Seems distant and unreal
A fading dream, a memory I can't recall

Am I real - I can no longer tell
A notion tells me I still exist

Infinite dark - Through this void I float
Resting, waiting for the day
When I will live again

Eons pass or maybe I just blinked
Deeper into this hell I sink

Falling through Ginnungagap
I'm pulled towards an unseen gate
I seem to hear my name being called
I float towards these cries of fate

Faster than - the speed of light
I am falling through universe

Stars flash by - Before my eyes
The time has come to return

Out of the dark - Into the light
Back into life I am cast

By my side - A demon army rides
We ride to reclaim that once we lost

Eons have passed, I'm back from the dead
Victory lies ahead