This page represents seven artists: Helios is a moniker of ambient electronic artist Keith Kenniff. Raised in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Keith started playing drums, guitar and bass and played in a variety of touring bands, from rock to jazz and classical. He was finally drawn to study percussion at Boston's Berklee College of Music. He took a keen interest in independent film, world cinema, and filmscore. His primary musical venture is the solo project 'Helios', showcasing his skill in percussion, his delicate touch on the guitar, his measured and spacious songwriting, and his self-taught electro-acoustic production. Miami-based label Merck released his first album entitled 'Unomia' which went on to receive international acclaim. Less than a year after Unomia had hit the shelves, another of Keith's projects, 'Goldmund', saw the light of day with the release of 'Corduroy Road', a selection of solo piano recordings released on the young British label Type Records. This album was also well received internationally, and some of its tracks have been used in films and major television series. June 2006 marked Keith's third full-length release on Type Records entitled 'Eingya', his most ambitious to date. Taking influence from his interest in cinema, and his extensive European travels, the resulting album is a stunning work of instrumental beauty. The brief but breathtaking 'Ayres' EP released again on Type Records in 2007 introduces his timid, but very comfortable and in...

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